34 Week Checkup

My doctor was worried about my swollen feet/ankles and blood pressure at my appointment this afternoon. Of course swelling is normal in pregnancy, especially this far into it. I guess it becomes more of a concern when high blood pressure goes along with it because that could mean development of Preeclampsia. So after the first 2 readings of my high BP, he had me relax and lay back in the exam room for 10 minutes to see if it would go down. My nurse came in after and checked both of my arms, and my pressure was right on target. I was still advised to stay off my feet for a week when I have my next visit. Hopefully by then the swelling will have gone down even more and I won’t have to be on “bed rest” any longer.

Baby Shower

32 weeks and 5 days…

Had yummy food and cake…

Got to celebrate with friends and family…

Played some games…

And got lots of great gifts!

Newly Discovered Feelings

1. Just last week I felt hiccups for the first time (at least I think that’s what I was feeling!) The only thing I can really compare it to is a finger flicking at the lower part of my stomach a bunch of times. I felt it twice in one day and it just kept going on and on. I started counting them and once I got up to like 60 I quit keeping track! That’s a lot of hiccups! What else could it have been?!

2. This morning while I was relaxing after eating breakfast, Seth started moving around a little bit. I went to put my hands on my stomach and I felt a hard lump over on my right side. Yay, a body part! I don’t know which one, but he must have been wedged in there just right and sticking something out. Up until this point all I was feeling was my own hard tummy – no bulges or anything. So I was pretty excited to feel something that was actually a part of him!

7 Month Check-up

Yesterday I went in for my 7 month check-up and doc says I am doing great! My glucose test came back and all looked really good, which totally surprised me because I was for sure I was eating too much sugar! My weight gain is on track (23 pounds so far) and have had minimal swelling and pain. Every time the the doctor sees me, he always tells me that I am the definition of the perfect patient and that his job would be so easy if everyone was healthy as me. Yay! I’m doing something right here!

During my appointment I was advised to start taking note of baby movements on a daily basis. I’m suppose to take 15 minutes, three times a day (preferably after meals) to relax with no interruptions and count kicks. By the end of the day I’m suppose to have felt a minimum of 10 movements. If I don’t then I should call the doctor’s office because there could be something wrong with the baby. I’m thinking, no problem – I have a very active little guy in there! But now that I actually have to document this, Seth decides that he doesn’t want to move! And what makes this so hard is that I have to go out of my way to find a quite place, and not have any kind of noise happening. No talking on the phone, listening to music, watching tv. I don’t know why it has to be in a super quite place. I would think if he’s moving at all that’s all that matters. But I’m not too concerned; it has only been one day.

7 Months Pregnant!

Brandon and I went to visit and stay with a friend for a little vacation in the Virginia/Washington DC area last weekend. Seth didn’t like his first plane ride very much. He kicked like crazy every time we took off and landed. Anytime I felt the pressure change, he must have too!

We stayed so busy every day we were there, and I absolutely loved it! I am very proud of myself for being able to do as much walking as I did for being 7 months pregnant! Sunday was our longest day and we literally walked from 11 in the morning until past 7 at night with very little rest periods. We covered the whole National Zoo and almost all the big monuments and historical sights – all in one day! I was sure my back and feet would be screaming at me (if not that same day then definitely the day after) but they weren’t! I was more affected by the stop-and-go of the Metro and escalator rides, but that’s not unusual considering I have always been easily prone to motion-sickness.


I am so lucky that I have continued to feel this good during my pregnancy! Everyone tells me it’s because I’m healthy and exercise regularly. That’s probably the only reason I was able to keep on going for so long. I hope the remainder of my pregnancy goes this comfortably and that I luck out with a smooth labor, too!

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